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Dallas Perkins - Unbecoming

Dallas Perkins - Unbecoming - Reviews

Hard Rock Hideout 
March 26th, 2008   
Writer: Rob Rockitt

If the 4 song EP, Unbecoming by Dallas Perkins give any indication what the future holds for this talented guitarist, then I expect big things for him in the near future. 



Metal Express Radio 
June 15th, 2008  
Writer: Gary McLean

Perkins plays a heavy, Bluesy style of Hard Rock with lots of fluid – but not florid – guitar parts on Unbecoming; while he can certainly play a guitar with a great deal of skill and soul, he doesn't overdo it with lots of needless shredding and noodling. Perkins' playing on the disc is interesting and involving, but never over-the-top or flashy just for the sake of showing off.


The Metal Observer 
April 28, 2008
Writer: Mitchel Betsch

“Unbecoming” is the latest EP from unsung guitar hero Dallas Perkins. In a world filled with limitless “shredders” who do nothing but jaunt up and down the fretboard for sixty minutes, press it onto a record, and call it a day, Perkins is a breath of fresh air; this American guitarist knows how to balance feverish fretplay with the simple nature of good ol’ Hard Rock. Throw in the engineering and production of the legendary Neil Citron (known for his work with Steve Vai and Steve Lukather), and you’ve got one hot record. 

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Classic Rock Revisited 
May 15th, 2008  
Writer: Ryan Sparks

.A. based guitarist / vocalist Dallas Perkins might appear on the surface to be yet another graduate of the school of shred, however after one listen to this 4 song mini CD Unbecoming, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure Perkins can peel off lightning fast runs, as each of his solos threatens to rip the listener a new you know what, and he certainly proves he has chops to burn, but he is inventive and also economical in this regard. 

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Pivotal Rage
February 17th, 2008  
Writer: Ruben Mosqueda

Dallas Perkins is a So Cal based musician whose specialty is modern melodic rock with soulful hooks and driving guitars. On his Unbecoming EP, Dallas throws four of his best shots at the listener.  The result is an enthusiastic, potent rocking affair that made me wonder why this guy hasn't been signed to a major independent label. Perkins can shred, but he doesn't over play. He shows the power of restraint and that proves to be just as much of an asset as his talent on guitar. His lyrics are thought-provoking; you'll become riveted to the music as you hang on each and every word.



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