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Over the past several decades, popular rock guitar virtuoso Dallas Perkins has pushed the envelope like no one else, delving deeply into uncharted waters and opening our ears to exciting, diverse new musical horizons.

While always keeping it on “11,” Dallas’ music embraces unconventional ideas and strong musical & emotional dynamics. Translated on guitar with stunning technical accuracy, Dallas’ unique style mesmerizes critics and audiences alike - in the recording studio and on stage.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Dallas cites his original six string inspirations as Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Howe and Ritchie Blackmore among other heavyweights from the era. After paying his dues in clubs and festivals, lending his virtuoso chops to various cover bands and original acts he headed West.

In Los Angeles, Dallas became a respected member of the emerging wave of technically proficient players as well as an in-demand instructor at famed Hollywood music school Musician's Institute (GIT) and National Guitar Summer Workshop.

Taking on a few hired gun gigs, he eventually found himself relocated to the Tampa Bay area of Florida. During that time he begin releasing a series critically acclaimed instrumental guitar albums. His debut release, “Looking Glass,” was hailed by critics in both Guitar World and Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazines.

These events led to a great demand for Dallas’ talents, and he was quickly recruited into Virgin recording artists Roxx Gang in the studio and on the road. He also toured the US with The Zeros, LA's biggest buzz band.

Dallas’ style has continued to evolve and broaden through a series of numerous session gigs and as a touring support musician for artists of multiple genres. His experience in songwriting and arranging has blossomed into a unique sound evident with the release of his self-produced, acclaimed solo CD’s, (including 2000’s breakout smash Emergent Behavior and the foillow up, Unbecoming),

He continues to develop and refine his production skills with the ongoing changes in recording technology, bringing a sense of musicality that avoids the technological pitfalls of sounding cold and mechanical that can effect many contemporary recordings.

From performances at major venues to small clubs, theaters and acoustic settings, Dallas' professionalism is at the forefront of every endeavor derlivering the best performance to the audience.
Dallas currently performs live with his own band Heavy Revel throughout Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. His long awaited solo instrumental album his due for a summer release.

Dallas endorses:

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